Group training in French as a foreign language

Classes in small groups to encourage discussion!

Special courses for expatriates, students or au pairs

Because you, too, want to learn French to better understand and embrace French culture.


Our school offers group courses in French as a foreign language to help students better integrate into the French language and culture, and study in France. We offer a group formula divided into groups of different levels, so that each student can progress at his or her own pace. Group courses take place two full mornings a week, either on Mondays and Tuesdays, or Thursdays and Fridays, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

In addition to group lessons, we also offer 4 hours of independent work, so that students can put into practice what they have learned in class. Students can do online homework and exercises, writing or listening projects, videos, etc. to improve their understanding and use of the French language.

Our aim is to provide our students with the tools and skills they need to master the French language and better integrate into French society. We believe that our group and independent courses will help students achieve their goals in an effective and enjoyable way.

This French as a Foreign Language course is also aimed at expatriates and au pair students who wish to improve their knowledge of the French language and better integrate into French society.

We understand that for expatriates and au pairs, adapting to a new country and culture can be difficult. That’s why we offer a welcoming and stimulating learning environment to help them feel at ease and make rapid progress.

Our group courses enable students to connect with others who share the same interests and goals, while independent study hours allow students to put into practice the skills they’ve learned in group classes.

By choosing this French course, you’ll benefit from quality teaching and an enriching learning experience that will help you achieve your linguistic and cultural goals.



1800€/year 660€/quarter

CPF and Pôle Emploi eligible,


A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


From 3 to 12 months


4 to 12



A passport to study in France?

to prepare for your studies in France or at your university

To enter a university or higher education establishment in France, it is often necessary to have a B1 or even B2 level in French. This level is generally required to follow courses and understand information provided in French. It’s important to note that French language requirements may vary depending on the university or college you choose.

Our weekly group French course is designed to help students reach this level, helping them develop their listening, speaking and writing skills, as well as their knowledge of French culture. We believe that by following our course, students will be well prepared to succeed in their university or higher education studies in France.


A 4-point strategy

We have defined clear steps to help you understand our course offering


We assess your level and your needs in French.
• A 98-point level test with details of your needs
• A questionnaire to understand your objectives
• An individual interview with our FLE manager


You can join our courses at any time, depending on your starting level. We offer you access to materials and resources (exercises, audios, videos) via your extranet space, with assessments to measure your progress - The 20H package includes a work platform with a compulsory e-learning supplement of €120 on enrolment.


Depending on your level, we'll suggest the most suitable course for you. You'll receive your timetable and certificate of enrolment for 10 or 20 hours after paying the tuition fee (50 euros for the EU and 100 euros for non-EU countries).


Depending on the objectives defined at the start of your course, you can take a TCF, CLOE or DCL certificate at the end: we are an examination center.

Compte formation CPF, pole emploi, salariés ou professions libérales, il y a surement un financement prévu pour vous !
Cours individuels
Un cours sur mesure et seulement pour vous !
Cours en ligne
Pas de temps ? trop loin ? Difficile à combiner dans votre planning ? Optez pour un cours en visio conférence  !
Préparez sereinement avec nous votre TCF ou votre DELF ou tout type d'examens car nous serons là à 100% à vos cotés !
Cours collectif
Apprendre ensemble, partager, communiquer et se motiver  !

About the institute

Welcome to our institute! If you’re looking for a place to develop your language skills, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team of passionate teachers who focus on quality and enjoyment of learning. We know that learning a new language can be daunting, especially for foreign students. That’s why we use fun methods to help you feel at ease and make rapid progress.

Over the years, we’ve trained thousands of students with the highest satisfaction rates. We’re proud to say that our teaching methods have helped our students achieve their language goals and succeed with flying colors. We’re with you every step of the way to support and motivate you.

Our team is here to provide you with a quality learning experience, whether you choose to take our face-to-face or distance learning courses. We’re determined to help you speak the language with confidence and prepare you for success in your personal and professional life.

So don’t wait any longer! Join us today and find out how we can help you achieve your language goals. We look forward to welcoming you!

Center specializing in French as a foreign language

Our teaching team is made up of talented and dedicated professionals. Each of them is competent, creative, certified and trained to offer you high-quality language courses. We're proud to say that our school has been awarded the Qualiopi and FLE quality labels, testifying to our commitment to excellence in language teaching.

Learn at your own pace

Every student learns at his or her own pace. Whether you're short of time or want to learn at a slower or faster pace, we're here to help. Our aim is to offer you a flexible learning experience, adapted to your level of availability. Please contact us for more information on our personalized course options. We're always here to help.

Professional certification

The Institut International Langues & Affaires is an examination center for numerous certifications, including TCF, or CLOE. We can prepare you for any type of exam or certification in French.

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